Post-Holiday Cleanse

3 days of nourishing meals intended to flood your body with essential nutrients.

Week of Jan 8 | Jan 15


Two weeks of plant-based vegan meals to help you replenish from the holidays and start the new year off strong! Receive deliciously plant-rich, iron-rich, superfood infused meals delivered straight to your door for two weeks.

What to expect:

Improve Digestion

Increase Hydration

Reduce Inflammation

Boost Energy

Reduce Bloat

Kickstart Weight Loss

What’s Included

Our meals are packed with fiber, iron-rich veggies, superfood ingredients, plant-rich foods, minimally processed ingredients, to help you bounce back from the holidays.


Start your day with a light and energizing breakfast.


Get ready to enjoy an array of vegetables along with plenty of powerhouse greens to help fuel your day.


Enjoy calming, nourishing soups and veggie plates to help wind down.


Quench your thirst in the day with energy and immune boosting drinks.

Dairy Free | Gluten Free | 100% Vegan | Egg Free | 100% Natural Ingredients

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Start the new year with new and healthy habits.

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